Our Enrichment/ Tutorial Program serves Clarendon District One children, the extent of the program being limited by the condition and size of our facility. Available support includes academic assistance with language arts, social studies and mathematics. Enrichment activities encourage students to apply previously acquired knowledge to new situations, as well as to develop skills of observation, interpretation and critical thinking.

The Parents as Partners in Education helped to create a constituency of families that strive to foster literacy and educational achievement among District One’s school children. Previous funding has come from the Verizon Literacy Foundation.

Our Healthy Choices/Healthy Lifestyles Program¬† promoted healthy lifestyles and reduced risky behaviors by cultivating youth as good health advocates. It also engaged a group of highly “at risk” children in focused and individualized intervention activities. Start-up funds for this program came from Clarendon County Turning Point.
The organization of a Sewing Cooperative was encouraged to trigger economic development in the area. A partnership with the Rural Development Office of the South Carolina US Department of Agriculture developed. Collaborative efforts resulted in the creation of an incorporated entity named Sew What, Inc. The lack of proper space has severely hampered the growth of this cooperative.
The Summer Science Camp for middle school students is a partnership between BDPF and District One. It is supported by individual donations and in-kind donations from the school district.Via membership in NAEIR, goods are supplied to public schools in the county. To date, the market value of goods delivered (classroom supplies, educational materials, etc.) is in excess of $100,000. This initiative is supported by individual donations.
BDPF sponsors educational trips for groups of District One students. In the past, BDPF has partnered with Randolph Middle School, located in Charlotte, NC and sponsored a 4-day educational historic Civil Rights tour for a  group of District One eighth grade students. Partial funding for the trip was obtained from the Knight Foundation. A number of day trips to historic and educational sites in South Carolina for other District One students were made possible by a grant from State Street Global Philanthropy Fund and generous donations fro supporters.